The lessons I’ve learned

15 04 2010

As a soon to be graduate from Marquette University I have come up with my top ten list of lessons I have learned through my classes or outside the classroom. There may not be the “greatest lesson of all” learned, but all are very helpful insights to a very hectic, wonderful, scary time in my life. Some will be funny, some will be sad, but all of them are things I’ve learned.

1. Classes where your teacher talks about his hippy past and drug use will always fuel you to think that the 70s and 80s would have been a lot more fun.

2. Living vicariously through your friends’ dramatic dating life may be entertaining but has its downside. This will lead to nights filled with take out, wine, or complete bitching. No homework or acknowledgment of classes in the morning will occur. Also, you will also gain the 10 lbs break up weight gain with them, and then endure being their gym partner as they lose that 10 lbs!

3. Your high school friends will slowly and surely take a back seat to your life. Unless you decide to go to school in the same state or same college as them. No matter how tight you are with them or how many times you visit, you will drift apart if you don’t live in the same state as they do.

4. Your “I almost died” stories will increase. These will be humorous and most likely followed with “I almost got caught by the cops!” stories.

5. The best classes will always be the ones where you actually GO TO CLASS. As your number of semesters increase, you will most likely take some(or several) opportunities to skip. The more classes you miss, the more likely your grade and understanding of class decreases. One way to go to class, get a crush on either the professor or your study buddy, that way you will want to attend class!

6. Online dating in college will only lead to your friends needing to be bailed out of the most ludicrous places and will always be brought up at the bar about how one time…

7. Sometimes your professors will be really creepy. Sometimes they will be really cool. And other times they will be heinous assholes who decide to fail you because you got sick at the end of the semester, was in the hospital and you couldn’t make it to the final, even though you had a note from the doctor saying you were in the hospital so you obviously couldn’t make it to the final. That’s when you go the head of their department and beg/plead for them to override the professor/ get your favorite teacher and advisor to help out.

8. Classes may at first seem mandatory, but by the end you will believe them to be more an elective option to learning the material. This is when you remember whether or not your teacher takes attendance every day.

9. Your friends will be one of your greatest assets throughout your stay in college.

10. Never underestimate the idea of FREE LAUNDRY.