>Health, Diet, and Exercise Bookshelf

14 04 2010

>After finishing my applications for VistaCorps, I have been working hard on my classes(well kinda) and I have been with my friends more and more.
My job on campus has been winding down and it’s the employee of the year banquet coming up. While getting our employee their little job well done gift, I was at Barnes and Nobles killing time. I was just wandering around trying to find some things to get my friends, when I came across the  Exercise/Diet/Health section. There were at least 3 full bookshelves that were just for Diet alone, one for Health, and then another two for just Exercise books. As I traversed through the aisles, I was just astounded by all the books. I am not the healthiest eater, the most fit athlete, or even an athlete but it just astounds me by the vast amount of books out on this subject. I thought that maybe one of these would be able to help me get into a routine, but why are there so many? I then started trying to find books that would be geared towards college students, since let’s face it, we tend to eat the worst out of any age demographic. But there really isn’t any book besides one I saw. I realized though that a book isn’t always going to help every person, but the extent of this is gross.
The fact that there were so many different books amazes me by the sheer fact that the variety doesn’t really change, except if you are choosing a specific diet. Each book basically says the same thing…”Work out daily, eat less, and make healthy choices for food.” How do they really think consumers will be able to choose with all of those different books? And most of the time, the reader isn’t able to keep themselves disciplined enough to stick to the diet plan.

It just makes me angry because if these diets even worked, then why would there need to be another book on dieting?! HMMMM?!


>A month later and results are in

9 03 2010

>So, unfortunately for myself, I was not accepted into TfA, so I am currently looking into several different opportunities.
I’ve started applying to Vista, so I’m hoping that I can be placed somewhere in New Hampshire, which will make life a little easier to be closer to my parents.
I’m also looking into the MFA programs I want to apply to next year. I have a lot of friends who applied and slowly getting their replies back, and its pretty cutthroat out there. I’m hoping to concentrate on my writing, since right now is not the ideal scenario for me to write constructively.

I’m excited for my student manager job to end, since it means I’ll be having my own life again and not surrounding myself with a lot of negative energy. I feel that this year did not go very well, just with all the problems that have occurred between myself and supervisors and fellow workers. I know where my fault lies and I’ve grown from that. I wonder if others see where they caused the problem though, which I highly doubt.

As I recall how this year went, I think I have paid too much attention to very insignificant details and didn’t concern myself with what I really want to do. It has become too much about  sacrificing what I want to do to appease others, so I’m better at my job, at my school work, at caring for others. I’m tired and excited to graduate and to leave this place. I’ve become to comfortable and need to make myself uncomfortable.

Here is a little thought:

When you let others control
Thoughts, actions, words
It leads you to only care about
                            their interpretation
Of what they think of your

>A Post…finally

19 01 2010

>Dare I say it? I think I shall. I graduate in 5 months and 4 days. I am not at a loss for what this means because it is understandably clear as to what it means.
It all revolves around the fact that I get antsy after so long in one place. I am not stagnant water. And my prospects are looking FABULOUS to me.
Most currently on the block is this:
1. Teach for America.
I hear officially about this in 2 days…If I am so lucky to get in, I will be going.
2. New Hampshire
This is the choice I have made incase I do not get into TfA. Do I mind moving back home with my parentals? Yes, but I am not a half-wit and know its the safest and smartest idea with a college student with possibly no job outcomes.
3. AmeriCorps/VistaCorps
Of course though, I am looking into places where I can volunteer by my parents, but this is a sound option for the sole purpose that I love a good volunteering experience. And, with no pay I live at home or work at night? Hmmm…bartending school?
4. TeachEast
I have been wanting to go to China or Japan since I was a freshmen at Marquette.

For now, this is an incomplete list. Which should be edited by Thursday of this week!