>Slow at the grind from 7:30 til 4

4 10 2010

>I never thought that I would be more exhausted from sitting at a desk all day to running between classes and work. I also didn’t think I would be passing out every night by 10, since I’m getting up by 5:30 in the morning.
It’s not that bad, I’m sure I’ll be getting used to it sooner than later, even if almost two months have gone by since I started! Thankfully, I’m getting more projects every week so I’m no longer dawdling my time away as I was for the past several weeks. I’m thoroughly enjoying my experience as I have gotten to know my fellow VISTAs and see more of New Hampshire.
Who ever thought though school should be at 730 in the morning is a masochist. I have never really understood why it has to be so gosh darn early! I remember being up by 5:45 to make my 6:50 bus in  VA, and getting up almost just as early for high school in MI. It is interesting…it never seemed to be so hard to wake up in the morning!
I have also started developing a taste for coffee (yuck) every morning, except today thankfully. I just hope I don’t turn into my mother who gets up an hour early every morning in order to drink her two cups of coffee before work. I like my sleep.

Life seems to be moving along very slowly, as work has not been very busy for me. I am hoping, and that prayer has been answered, for my work to pick up. I’m thankful to have two separate supervisors who have projects for me to do, I’m just hoping I don’t have weeks of activity and then a month of waiting.

Well I hope the fall is treating everyone well!




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